Sunday, 1 April 2012

Deterrorformed-Temple of no gods

Ok so this was a bit hard to track down on the ol blogspot sites.... In other words it was not on any of them(trust me) So after 2 years of trying to find these guys I decided the only way to get this shit is to actually go out and buy a copy of it.

Hailing from Portland Oregon comes some Crusty ass D-beat fueled by hatred and Discharge! I do not know much about these guys other than they are from Portland Oregon and played from 2000 to about 2005. If your looking for some great in your face pissed off D-beat that will D-beat the shit outta yer ears this is just for you. Id check out the double song feature " Nightmare Leviathan"



  1. stoked to find this here. thx!

    1. A 4 piece drummer used a double kick on a single bass. A bunch of anarchist from pdx pro vegan anti colonialist pro feminism anti-fascist.