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Out From the Void Into the Digital Age: CRUST in the 2010's

Alright, I am back. So to speak because I did not actually go anywhere this summer as a thing called "work" prevented me from enjoying something called "life". But I am back in the sense that this post will bring closure to the massive undertaking that started in early 2022, namely an exploration of crust in the recent years. As my mate Paul often says between the fourth and the fifth pint, time is a constantly moving thing and I cannot really keep writing about contemporary crust from the 2010's for eternity, my shrink was quite clear on that part. Overdosing on crust is rare but not unheard of. 

So in order to wrap things up I decided to embark into an even bigger mission by creating compilations that illustrate what 2010's crust music was all about, like I did with the 90's and 00's. Except I ended up with an insane amount of bands. While I managed to deal with the previous decades with series of three compilations, it quickly became evident that there were just too many bands for the 2010's. So I switched from three to five compilations (and if I'm being honest I probably could have gone to six) with almost 150 bands. Does this discrepancy imply that there are more punk bands now than before? Or does it just suggest that with all 2010's bands having an internet presence to some degree they are much easier to find and their material is far more accessible? It might also have to do with the fact that it has become so much easier and affordable to record nowadays thanks to digital recording so that there could be more recordings and more studio projects but not necessarily more bands per se. In any case, a lovely project became quixotic and a little overwhelming at times. Did I have nightmares where I was persecuted by haunted crust pants? Yes I did.

You already know the noble principles of such compilations. They are meant to describe the crustscape of a given period from an international point of view. I already did specific Japanese crust compilations - with one about the 10's - so that I left out some Japanese bands to avoid repetitions. I tried to focus on crust as a whole and not just on so-called stenchcore or cavemen crust (the fanatical Doom-lovers). First because I wanted to bring at least a little diversity to the selection and second because even I would struggle to listen to 90 minutes straight of growling metal crust (or would I?) and if you want a compilation to captivate your audience, you have to include changes of paces, of vibes, have some tunes, some excruciating distorted moments and so on. It has to tell a story. A 90 minute long crust song is fine but it does not really exemplify or illustrate in a relevant fashion what the 2010's produced. So of course, all the gruff stenchcore units are there as well as the touching Doom/Sore Throat wannabes, but I also threw some heavy crust-flavoured käng hardcore, blownout distorted noizy crusty hardcore for interludes and bands flirting heavily with death-metal or grindcore. But don't worry, all the songs are crust-pants proof. 

The international perspective is crucial to these comps as it highlights the dynamics of crust. In this decade Italy and Russia were strong and bands like Cancer Spreading and Fatum (both still active) confirmed that they were at the top of the vegan food chain. Instinct of Survival morphed into something different and fascinating and demonstrated that crust could be a moving thing. Philadelphia and Halifax proved to be insanely brilliant strongholds. Swordwielder and Xaotiko Telos recorded the bast album of the decade. Portland and Poland are still there. South Korea, Argentina and Belarus appeared on the crust map. And even France had its crust bands (no less than three French bands here, fuck me). Old-timers kept doing what they had always done, newcomers unleashed the fury. Ridiculous amounts of punk records were released. I had to sell my gran's kidney to indulge in my addiction to crust. Tough times. 

As I pointed out with the previous compilations the decade-based format may not be the most relevant (but they are the most time-consuming) and scene-oriented compilations are better. You will find here bands like Axewield that stopped playing in 2010 and others like Warkrusher that pretty much started in 2019, two very different times but with both bands having recorded between 2010 and 2019, they had to be included. What international compilations are great at is the potential for discovery. Of course, I forgot some bands, exhaustivity is impossible and one has to keep a degree of subjectivity in the selection process, especially for punk compilations. But on the other hand I included bands that you probably have not heard of or never really listened to and hopefully it will prompt people to dig deeper afterwards. It is like a Royal Rumble, not every wrestler is brilliant but you always get to discover obscure new talents. 

I did my best sound-wise using my own rips or downloading the best versions I could find (I just did not have the energy to rip every song as it would have taken far too much time) but of course levels vary a lot, not to mention the productions and the overall clarity. So it is what it is (a meaningless phrase I'll grant you that). But what did you expect from a crust compilation anyway? 

These were fun to do and I believe they work well and are not boring. If you feel I missed some crucial bands, which is unlikely but possible, please comment. And if you know of solid local crust bands that I am unaware of, please feel free to write about them too. It is a work in progress. Play loud of course, grab your filthiest crust pants, your most derelict jacket, your stinky biker boots, grab some cider and enjoy.    




01. ALEMENT "Seas of consequence" from Onward 12" EP, 2019 (U$A)

02. BRAINCËLL "L.C.D (Liquid Crystal Deep - Sleep)" from S/t split EP with ZYKADE, 2019 (Malaysia)

03. PHYSIQUE "Weaponized faith" from The Rhythm of Brutality 10", 2019 (U$A)

04. KERETIK "Unelma kostosta" from Terra Mater LP, 2017 (Finland)

05. CONSTANT STATE OF TERROR "Throne of blood" from Speak Truth to Power LP, 2020 (recorded in 2014) (England)

06. WOJNA "Stołkowe Kurwy" from S/t split EP with Social Crisis, 2018 (Poland)

07. EXTINCT EXIST "Scourge Amazonie" from Cursed Earth LP, 2016 (Australia)

08. DEFUSE "Cry of roar" from Cry of Roar EP, 2017 (Japan)

09. STEP TO FREEDOM "Злая Молитва" from The Rotten Era tape, 2019 (Russia)

10. DECOMP  "Grim" from S/t EP, 2019 (U$A)

11. AMHRA "Reflejos" from Más Allá LP, 2019 (Spain)

12. WARPATH "Nel dilagare della follia" from Origini D'Odio / Nel Dilagare Della Follia split EP with NIS, 2011 (Italy)

13. COELACANTH "You deny" from S/t cdr, 2013 (U$A)

14. BLACK TERROR "Prince of lies" from Born Again tape, 2013 (Singapore)

15. TERMINAL CONQUEST "Lifeless pariah" from S/t tape, 2017 (U$A)

16. MASSGRAVE "Lack of control" from Absurdity of Humanity LP, 2016 (Canada)

17. DÖDLAGE "Genocide" from Hostile Regression LP, 2019 (U$A)

18. CONTAGIUM "Poisoned filth" from S/t EP, 2012 (Canada)

19. AXEWIELD "Fault segment" from Wisdome of Doom 12", 2010 (Japan)

20. RUINAS "Silenciar" from S/t LP, 2017 (Argentina)

21. HELLISHEAVEN "16" from S/t split EP with DISSENT, 2012 (Poland)

22. VISIONS OF WAR "King of swines" from King of Swines LP, 2013 (Belgium)

23. POLICEBASTARD "Sick sick system" from Confined cd, 2013 (England)

24. LASTLY "A look at the now" from Crazy Fucked Up Deadly Local EP, 2014 (Japan)

25. ABSURD SOCIETY "Society Which Collapses" from S/t EP, 2013 (Japan) 

26. ΧΕΙΜΕΡΙΑ ΝΑΡΚΗ / XEIMERIA NAPKN / HIBERNATION "Πριν ακόμα / Before Even" from In the Years of Desolation LP, 2018 (Greece)

27. REPRESSION ATTACK "Дотла / Down to the ground" from Алтарь Разрушения / Altar of Destruction EP, 2013 (Russia)

28. FEMACOFFIN "Dismal twilight" from S/t EP, 2014 (U$A)



01. ΧΑΟΤΙΚΟ ΤΕΛΟΣ / XAOTICO TELOS / CHAOTIC END "Χαμένος / Lost" from Υπόσχεση LP, 2017 (Greece) 

02. INFEKCJA "Inkubatory" from S/t EP, 2011 (Poland)

03. AVVIKELSSE "1945" from S/t EP, 2016 (Japan)

04. AGNOSY "Eternal winter" from Traits of the Past LP, 2014 (England)

05. DEATHRAID "Your turn to suffer" from Eternal Slumber LP, 2015 (U$A)

06. VERSKLAVEN "Baptism of fire" from S/t LP, 2014 (U$A)

07. AGE "Survive" from Survive EP, 2010 (Japan)

08. NIHILDUM "Verso il nulla creatore" from Verso Il Nulla Creatore tape, 2012 (Italy)

09. VOIDFILLER "The weight" from S/t LP, 2016 (Sweden / Belgium)

10. RUINEBELL "The hermit" from Embers' Grave 12" EP, 2015 (Spain / Finland)

11. DÖMESTICRUST "Aftermath" from ...Aftermath... demo, 2017 (Indonesia)

12. SISTEMAS DE ANIQUILACION "Tierras devastadas" from Guettos del Sur EP, 2014 (Peru)

13. RELIEF "Consumed" from S/t demo tape, 2016 (U$A)

14. GRIND THE ENEMY "The war of the poor" from Conform!!! split CD with WAR/SYSTEM, 2011 (England)

15. ASMODEUS "An abortion" from Life? tape, 2016 (Japan)

16. GEIGER COUNTER "Execution" from S/t LP, 2017 (U$A)

17. ATRAMENT "Sunken reign" from Eternal Downfall LP, 2016 (U$A)

18. SLAVERY "Smrtihlav" from OutSide V Wojcieszów compilation LP, 2017 (Czech)

19. CLAUSTROPHOBIA "Enajenadxs" from Sobre las Ruinas de la Civilizacion CD, 2013 (Argentina)

20. DEFORMED EXISTENCE "Commodified lies" from Hate With Patriotism tape, 2019 (Japan)

21. DEATH DUST EXTRACTOR "Intro storm + lost" from Make a Noise or Not at All split EP with RETURN, 2013 (Japan)

22. MORBID SCUM "Under vacuum" from S/t split tape with ASCIDIE, 2019 (France)

23. CEASELESS DESOLATION "Jutro" from Nicość LP, 2013 (Poland)

24. KÄRZER "Крысы / Rat" from  Howl tape, 2016 (Russia) 

25. RADIOACTIVE "Past mistake" from S/t demo CD, 2017 (Japan)

26. KALBRUCHING ACIDEATH "Mentality disorder" from S/t split LP with ZYGOME, 2019 (Japan)

27. MISERY "We are man" from From Where the Sun Never Shines 2xLP, 2012 (U$A)

28. ZYGOME "The other" from S/t split LP with KALTBRUCHING ACIDEATH, 2019 (Canada)



01. NOCTURNAL SCUM "Danger and Hell" from Danger and Hell LP, 2018 (Germany)

02. FRAGMENT "Abandoned surrounded" from S/t demo EP, 2016 (Canada)

03. CÖTARD "Delirio de negacion" from S/t demo CD, 2018 (Mexico)

04. BETON "Súmrak" from S/t / Misleader split EP with SKELETON, 2012 (Slovakia)

05. PSYCHOTIC MIND BATTLE "Guerilla warfare" from S/t demo, 2013 (Germany)

06. I.C.B.M. "계급 전쟁 / Gyegeup Jeonjaeng / Class war" from S/t tape, 2010(?) (South Korea) 

07. ALEHAMMER "Fermented death" from Barmaggedon LP, 2013 (England)

08. ASOCIAL TERROR FABRICATION "Folly of wisdom" from Under the Dark Force EP, 2010 (Japan)

09. Помрачение / POMRACHENIE / OBSCURITY "помрачение" from S/t demo tape, 2019 (Belarus)

10. AHNA "No one survives" from Perpetual Warfare 12", 2015 (Canada)

11. KRUSH "War = business = war" from S/t LP, 2010 (Netherlands)

12. RAW NOISE "Greed" from System Never LP, 2010 (England)

13. ZYANOSE "Condemn racist" from Putrid Sick Society CD, 2014 (Japan)

14. SCUMRAID "통제사회" from Control LP, 2018 (South Korea)

15. SOCIAL CRISIS "Ja Też" from split LP with WOJNA, 2018 (Poland)

16. URSUS "Una ostia tras otra" from S/t LP, 2010 (Spain)

17. BAKOUNINE "Polizia di mierda" from S/t LP, 2013 (France)

18. STASIS "Progress" from Progress demo tape, 2015 (Italy)

19. VASTATION "Don't uphold their law" from S/t / Omnia Mutantur split LP with MUTABO, 2017 (U$A)

20. NEVERENDING MINDWAR "Anguish" from Demonstration II demo tape, 2018 (U$A)

21. REVÖLT "Pogrom" from Pogrom EP, 2016 (Japan)

22. ZATSUON "No messiah" from Violent Nois Life EP, 2012 (U$A)

23. CONTRAST ATTITUDE "Mind of devil" from S/t split EP with ASPECTS OF WAR, 2014 (Japan)

24. KONTRASOSIAL "Kabar Dari Negeri Drama" from Filthy Scum EP, 2019 (Indonesia)

25. SUMMON THE CROWS "The burning" from S/t split EP with DEVIATED INSTINCT, 2012 (Norway)

26. DOOM "Thatchercide" from Corrupt Fucking System LP, 2013 (England)

27. HOLY EXTERMINATION "They need blood" from S/t split EP with BURN THE CROSS, 2013 (Poland)

28. FILTHY HATE "Hatred stench corpse" from Mentally Parasite... Bloody Predator tape, 2014 (Japan)

29. NAPALM RAID "No law" from Wheel of War LP, 2017 (Canada)

30. LIFE "River of filth" from Polluted Water Drainage Wreck Of Culture / Genosida Populasi split EP with ZUDAS KRUST, 2017 (Japan)

31: ΠΑΡΟΞΥΣΜΟΣ / PAROKSISMOS "Οι Θεοί Της Λήθης" from Οι Θεοί Της Λήθης EP, 2013 (Greece)

32. SKUNK "Critical death" from S/t split EP with EXISTENCH, 2015 (Canada)

33. HUFF RAID "Insect" from Euro Tour Tape tape, 2017 (Poland)

34. DISTURD "Darkness" from Dark cd, 2015 (Japan)

35. INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL "What will you do?" from Call of the Blue Distance LP, 2014



01. EXTINCTION OF MANKIND "Reap what you sow" from Reap What You Sow / S/t split EP with APOCALYPSE, 2017 (England)

02. PARASIT "The new disease" from Välj Din Egen Bödel LP, 2013 (Sweden)

03. UNARM "歪んだ秩序" from The Voice From Forced Silence EP, 2018 (Japan)

04. DEATH CRUSADE "Godzinę Stąd" from Rakieta///Bomba LP, 2017 (Poland) 

05. APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT "Black sands" from Black Sands EP, 2012 (U$A)

06. SCUM SYSTEM KILL "Conscience of humanity" from Scandinavian Tour tape, 2018 (England)

07. HOSTILITER "Nell'abisso" from A New Dawn For Lost Mankind CD, 2016 (Italy)

08. HELLSTORM "All shall perish in flames" from S/t / Διαίρει-Και-Βασίλευε split LP with ΠΑΝΙΚΟΣ / PANIKOS, 2013 (Greece)

09. LAST AGONY "Agony" from S/t demo tape, 2018 (Canada)

10. ROXOR "Obraz doby" from Obras Doby! LP, 2013 (Slovakia)

11. ZIKADE "Collapse of a depraved society" from S/t split EP with BRÄINCELL, 2019 (Japan)

12. SUBLIMINAL DARKNESS "Construction" from 2nd Demo CDR, 2013 (Japan)

13. PHOZGENE "Ignore their pain" from S/t tape, 2017 (Canada)

14. JUVENTUD PODRIDA "Pandemonio" from S/t split EP with SISTEMAS DE ANIQUILACION, 2015 (Panama)

15. AKRASIA "The observer" from Observe the Darkness EP, 2019 (Norway)

16. LUST FOR DEATH "Ghost in a maze" from Demons LP, 2017 (France)

17. VOID FORGER "Pointless media" from Ruined demo CDR, 2012 (Romania)

18. ĐORNATA "Blah" from Simple, Fast and Good + So What LP, 2014 (Slovenia)

19. PUTREFACTION "Welcome death" from Scavenger EP, 2015 (Ireland)

20. WARKRUSHER "Epitaph" from S/t tape, 2019 (Canada)

21. MASSGRAVE "Presidents dick" from You Are Freaks too... tape, 2010 (Japan)

22. ZUDAS KRUST "Genosida populasi" from Polluted Water Drainage Wreck Of Culture / Genosida Populasi split EP with LIFE, 2017 (Indonesia)

23. D-CLONE "We make next generation" from Creation and Destroy LP, 2012 (Japan)

24. ΠΑΝΙΚΟΣ / PANIKOS "Το Ξ​ύ​π​ν​η​μ​α Α​π​ό Τ​ο​ν Λ​ή​θ​α​ρ​γ​ο" from Awakening From Lethargy LP, 2011 (Greece)

25. WAR PLAGUE "Crusher" from On a Darker Dawn LP, 2012 (U$A)

26. SEITAN "Krossa våldspatriarkatet" from Krossa Våldspatriarkatet LP, 2021 (recorded in 2012) (Sweden)

27. SWORDWIELDER "Cyborgs" from System Overlord LP, 2019 (Sweden)

28. CANCER SPREADING "Insomnia" from Insomnia / S/t split EP with FATUM, 2014 (Italy)



01. LAST LEGION ALIVE "Holy thrones" from Burning Eutopia split LP with CANCER SPREADING, 2013 (Belgium)

02. WARCOLLAPSE "As they decide" from Desert of Ash 12", 2019 (Sweden)

03. BLINDED HUMANITY "Nasi not nazi" from Mind Control EP, 2019 (Singapore)

04. INSTINCT? "Pray to death" from Pray to Death tape, 2019 (U$A)

05. WASTELAND "Killers" from ?, 2012 (Slovenia)

06. SOW THREAT "War is tragedy" from Hate and Love LP, 2019 (Japan)

07. ΑΠΝΟΙΑ / APNOIA "Διχόνοια" from Θρίαμβος Του Μίσους tape, 2018 (Greece)

08. OILTANKER "Coma" from The Shadow of Greed LP, 2011 (U$A)

09. NONPRESIDENT "Smacznego" from S/t split LP with MITRĘGA, 2015 (Poland)

10. NIS "Felicità" from Origini D'Odio / Nel Dilagare Della Follia split EP with WARPATH, 2011 (Italy)

11. WEALD "Black bloc" from Demo 2011 tape, 2012 (U$A) 

12. DROPEND "Grief" from Distortion Hell EP, 2013 (Japan)

13. AMBUSH "Ghastly remnants" from 4 Track flexi, 2014 (U$A)

14. CARNAGE "Final debt" from 342341n-1322717e tape, 2017 (Portugal)

15. LOS REZIOS "Izquierdismo (es mierda!)" from Clarificacion LP, 2011 (Peru) 

16. ROÄC "Beware" from Rites of Ostara tape, 2016 (U$A)

17. DEVIATED INSTINCT "End times" from S/t split EP with SUMMON THE CROWS, 2012 (England)

18. VITRIOLIC RESPONSE "Linge d'arret" from Dark Wings Spread / Your Life is Fucked split EP with SYSTEM SHIT, 2014 (England)

19. POLLEN "Demoralize" from Fear of Another War EP, 2017 (U$A)

20. KRANG "The Earth was blue but there was no God" from Sounds of Death LP, 2012 (U$A) (was supposed to be included on the youtube video but for copyright issues cannot. It is however included on the version you can download)

21. ZAY "The question of silence" from Silence and Clamor cdr, 2015 (Japan)

22. GENOGEIST "Systemic shroud" from 5 Track Demo tape, 2018 (U$A)

23. DEATH DEALERS "Starvation sells" from Files of Atrocity LP, 2010 (England / Sweden)

24. FATUM "Падение На Снег / Falling on snow" from Время Уходит Во Тьму / Time Passes to the Dark CD, 2012 (Russia)

25. LIFELESS DARK "Outcry" from Who Will Be the Victims? tape, 2018 (U$A)

26. ULCER "Vandalism" from Vandalism LP, 2017 (Japan)

27. RIGOROUS INSTITUTION "Penitent" from Penitent EP, 2019 (U$A)

28. MORTAL WAR "Slave to darkness" from Gates of Hell tape, 2017 (U$A)


Tuesday, 25 July 2023

Still Believing in ANOK: Cress "Monuments" Lp, 1995

This is the final part of Still Believing in ANOK and I hope the reads were fun and at least a little informative. If you need to show off on social media or indeed shine on online dating website, some details included in the write-ups (or, shall I say, the columns) can be used effectively as pick-up lines. Questions like "Did you know that the singer of Avaricious was Greek?" or "How many Enola Gays do you know?" are bound to impress, win hearts and make you look suave, sophisticated and, let's get real, weak-in-the-knees level irresistible. Do not hesitate to use them on a first date. The first time I met my wife, we talked about Polish hardcore bands form the 80's Rejestracja and Insekty Na Jajach so anything's possible.

To wrap up the series about the legacy of the 80's anarchopunk sound, let's talk about a band whose name means: "any of various plants with small, green leaves, used especially in salads". Yes indeed. Cress. The hippiest anarchopunk band from the 90's (and the 2010's). Not only is the band named after a plant instead of a warplane or some other cool punk shit, but they have a keyboard and a drum machine, used strobes, weird lights, a smoke machine, looked like soap-dodging versions of Jesus leaving one unsure if they are going to spread peace, love and riffs or if they are going to ask for a fiver so they can buy herbs. I even remember them screening political films while they were playing somewhere in Scotland, as if punks could concentrate on pogoing to the music AND focusing on a film at the same time. And yet, they are absolutely brilliant. Ian Glasper suggests in Trapped in a Scene that "had it been released in the Eighties, it (the Monuments Lp) would doubtless be heralded an anarchopunk classic today" and I cannot disagree. Of all the records I have been reviewing in the series, Monuments is the one that can objectively be called a genuine 90's classic the most. Beside being a famous work (even people who have never actually heard it know about it or at least can safely pretend to and if you feel the need to lie about knowing a record, it is already saying something about its status), I have never really read bad reviews. The Lp is unique because Cress are unique and I cannot really think of anything similar before and even after.

"But when, Grand Führer of the Perfect Punk Taste, did you first bump into Cress?". Well, I downloaded one mp3 file from a British website (I can't remember the name, it was in the early 00's) that offered songs from many quite a few bands of the era. Because internet connections were slower than an avant-garde French movie, there was only one song per band (I am aware that it must sound like the Dark Ages for Gen Z's who think youtube is as old as electricity) and it took about an afternoon to download two minutes of music. I think songs from the likes of Chineapple Punks, Riot/Clone or Ex-Cathedra were available. The Cress song was "TV screen" and I must confess that I did not like the song as it reminded me of the Ramones for some reason and I have always disliked them. To this day, I feel weird listening to this particular number and I cannot help imaging the Ramones with Northern accents playing their songs on shrooms and cider with a man playing the didgeridoo in the background. Which does not sound so bad after all. Some time after this precious mp3, I had the chance to visit a great punk record store in Bochum, Germany, and they had the Cress discography which, I was told, was much better than the Recharge Lp I was also coveting. I ended up buying both (I mean there was a free patch in the Recharge Lp) and got heavily into Cress, not so much that I grew a beard, which I have never been able to anyway, what with looking like an eternal teenager, but I did stop showering for a couple of weeks. 

But what makes Monuments so special? Well, if you know a little about the history of alternative rock music in England, the cover depicting Stonehenge certainly indicates that the music and the band may have some sort of connections, literal or in inspiration, with the free festivals. Namely inventive psychedelic rock music, libertarian politics and the involvement of some anarchopunk bands in the 80's. Cress were not the first punk band to play with trippy psychedelic influences and atmospherics and 80's bands like Smartpils, Freak Electric, Hippie Slags and even The Mob claimed such influences. Later on in the late 80's/early 90's, Zygote, Bad Influence or Contropotere (and later on Iowaska), in their own specific way, also used psychedelic elements in the songwriting but none of these bands went as far as integrating a keyboard in the equation. A bold move that, interestingly, could also be found first in old-school crust bands like Amebix or Axegrinder, but also Χαοτικό Τέλος/Chaotic End or Counterblast, and although they used it differently the intent still had to do with creating a particular ambiance and atmosphere. Cress however went further as Monuments relied significantly on those long atmospheric passages providing narrative spaces and an epic ark for the story the album aimed to tell. It is beyond punk-rock and for all the apparent simplicity of the songs, and a lot of them are simple punk songs in the best Crass sense of the term, there are additional layers and textures and quieter trippier moments to widen the scope.

Monuments can thus appeal to different crowds. If you are fond of dynamic, tribal, anthemic anarcho punk-rock, or of Hawkwind-inspired rocking atmospheric punk music, or heavy crusty punk, Monuments has something to offer you, as long as you take acid beforehand. Often reduced to a Crass-like act (for the danceable directness of the riffs and some beats and the bloody name), Cress can also be defined as a heavy and dark band and I can hear Antisect influences in some of the mid-paced moments and of course in the vocal style and tone and anger of the two vocalists (In Darkness There is no Choice era) so that it is not surprising that they also appeal to crust lovers (the dreads and the scruffy look also help). This album works is versatile enough to work for all kinds of mood as well. It is Sunday morning, you are in a good mood because you only drank eleven pints the night before and you are looking for some UK punk-rock with tunes: Monuments. It is Monday night, it is pouring rain and work is killing you, you are looking for something heavy, snotty and angry: Monuments. You are on holiday and for the first time since April, you look up to the sky and, fuck me, these are stars, ain't they: Monuments

The lyrics on the album are solid and tackle a wide array of subjects, some classic anarchopunk rants about progress, ecology or the capitalist class, other are more original "Monuments" is about the free unrestricted access to Stonehenge (the monument in question) and our common heritage, "Fear" is about the omnipresent fears that we have in society, fear of being unloved, alone, ignored, irrelevant, it is a great topic, genuinely personal and political. And apparently Cress don't like the police either for some reason. The album was released on Flat Earth Records (one of my favourite labels from that period) and the band recorded a split with Doom and an Ep before taking a break. Cress came back in the late 00's and since then have released a split Ep with Burnt Cross, a benefit Ep for the hunt sabs and a very solid split Lp with fellow psychedelic anarcho punks Buff from Manchester.    

My copy was second-hand and there is some surface noise on a couple of songs so that you can enjoy the full - lesser - Terminal Sound Nuisance experience. Did I mention that one of the members was barefoot when I saw them in Paris in June. How many punk points does that make you lose?

Monuments to cress