Thursday, 22 February 2018

Tunes & Snot with a Message - The Recesses of the Anarchopunk World (part 1): For There is Light...

And now, something a little different as I think I need to take a break from the exhausting rants and lengthy comments. Let's say that I feel uninspired right now. 

As you know, I love doing compilations revolving around a specific vibe, theme and context. I think they are not only fun to listen to and didactic but can also provide an accurate sense of a particular punk sound, in this case my beloved old-school anarchopunk. 

The compilations that will make up this series are actually not the first ones dealing with anarcho bands as there are no less than five others that you can find on Terminal Sound Nuisance's youtube channel (here), three reflecting the darker, gloomier side of anarchopunk and two including exclusively female-fronted anarcho songs. 

The new compilations will keep exploring similar shores from the broader anarchopunk world, but deeper and with a punkier (but still catchy) approach. 

This is the first one, entitled For There is Light as a reference to the last song The Mob wrote in the 80's which adequately concludes the compilation. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to leave comments if you know more about these obscure bands (some of which I know virtually nothing about but would be delighted to).     

01. Left For Dead "Combat zone", from the S/t demo tape, 1985 (Heworth, England)
02. Armistice "Victim", from the 7 track demo tape, 1983 (?) (Wales)
03. The Sinyx "Bullwood hall", from the 3rd demo tape, 1985 (Southend, England)
04. The Reptiles "Six o'clock", from the Too Good to Last demo tape, 1981 (Gateshead, England)
05. Zounds "Daddy", from the 1st demo tape, 1979 (London, England)
06. The Snails "Factory", from the Shitting Bricks demo tape, 1981 (London, England)
07. Anti-State Control "Nuclear aftermath", from the S/t demo tape, 1983 (Great Dunmow, England)
08. Chaos "Hey you", from the Who? What? Why? When? Where? compilation Lp, 1984 (London, England)
09. Stalag 17 "Harmless fun", from the You are not alone! compilation Ep, 1986 (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
10. AOA "No one is laughing", from the Satisfactory Arrangement Lp, 1988 (Edinburgh, Scotland)
11. State Hate "End race hate", from the We don't want your fucking war! compilation Lp, 1984 (?)
12. Shock to the System "Beat the system", from the The Last Breathe for Humanity demo tape, 1983 (Dorchester, England)
13. Beyond Religion "Fuck politics", from the Fuck Politics coz it Fucks You! demo tape, 1986 (?)
14. After Dead "Unknown", from the S/t demo tape, 1984 (?)
15. Joust "Scream children scream", from the Escape the Maze demo tape, 1986 (England)
16. The Living Legends "Tory funerals", from the Tory Funerals demo tape, 1983 (Swansea, Wales)
17. Andy T "Dirty squatters", from the Weary of the Flesh Ep, 1982 (London, England)
18. Fallout "Them and us", from the Salami Tactics Ep, 1983 (London, England)
19. The Infected "Non existent", from the S/t demo tape, 1984 (Honley, England)
20. Side Effects "Action man", from the Value of Defiance compilation tape, 1983 (Kirkcaldy, Scotland?)
21. Requiem "Holocaust", from the Apathy Compilation vol. 1 compilation tape, 1981 (Bradford, England)
22. Protest "Hypnotic state", from the Vinyl Overload Ep, 1983 (Denton, England)
23. Warzone "No need to die", from the 2nd demo tape, 1985 (?)
24. Martial Law "Differences", from the Angry Songs demo tape, 1985 (Edinburgh, Scotland)
25. The Committee "News from nowhere", from the New From Nowhere demo tape, 1984 (Harrow, England)
26. Soft Drinks "Pepsi Cola", from The Thing from the Crypt compilation Lp, 1981 (England)
27. Subhumans "Susan", from the Time Flies...But Aeroplanes Crash 12'', 1983 (Warminster, England)
28. The Iconoclasts "Do you care?", from 1st demo tape, 1984 (Liverpool, England)
29. Pax Vobiscum "Cosmetic cruelty", from the split tape with Eyes On You, 1986 (Nottingham, England)
30. No Choice "Wotswar", from the 1st demo tape, 1982 (Cardiff, Wales)
31. Statement "A box with no corner", from the split Lp with The Apostles, 1988 (England)
32. The Mob "Lights", from the band's last (80's) gig in Doncaster on November, 19th, 1983 (Yeovil, England) 

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