Monday 15 October 2012

Earth Movement "W Sprawie Ocalenia" Ep 1998

As incredibly talented as I am, I actually can't speak Polish. So while I will be able to rant about how good this Ep is, its lyrical content is unfortunately lost on me. Don't worry though, I will still make wild guesses.

Earth Movement seems to be a little-known band from Poland. This Ep is their only vinyl appearance but they released a tape as well some time during the 90's. As I said in the blog entry about Sanctus Iuda, Poland had a great anarchopunk/crust scene in the 90's, and I would even suggest that they have had a great scene ever since (and that's without mentioning the greatness of the 80's Polish scene). But back on topic, it is really odd that Earth Movement doesn't get more recognition as this record is absolutely brilliant. EM blends the awesome tunefulness and anger of bands like Stracony and Wlochaty with some gruffy vocals and metallic undertones that are not unlike Homomilitia or Sanctus Iuda (small world). The songs have an epic, urgent quality and a sense of melody that many Polish bands share but they also nod to the crusty side of things. The guitar sound is quite clear and the production is not too heavy but it remains very energetic. The main singer doesn't yell like a madman either and you can understand what he is on about (if you speak Polish obviously). For added crusty power, some gruffy, shouted vocals pop here and there and as I mentioned, there are some very effective metallic riffs as well, especially in the opening song called "Earth punx" and the whole atmosphere is one of punk spontaneity but still trying to go further than the old noisy bollocks. Earth Movement would have fitted just fine on a mixtape with Mushroom Attack, Aus-Rotten, Homomiltia and Wlochaty. This is pretty much as good as it gets in terms of Polish anarchopunk.

I am not sure what the band sings about but judging from the name of the band and the artwork I would say that they were into radical ecology. The name of the Ep translates as "To the rescue". The label that released this Ep, Dwie Strony Medalu records, also put out records by Sanctus Iuda (very small world...), Man is the Bastard and Denak.



  1. I own their tape. I'll see if I can rip it in the near future.

  2. Well, if it is as good as the Ep, you definitely should. :)