Thursday, 29 March 2018

Tunes & Snot with a Message - The Recesses of the Anarchopunk world (part 4): We don't have to Live like This

This is the fourth part of the anarcho mixtapes marathons and you know the drill by now. As the previous compilation showed, selecting songs can be tricky and mistakes can be made in this day and age of cultural abundance and overproduction. Hopefully, I got them all right this time but feel free to comment if I have not. As my venerable kung-fu master used to say "mistakes allow thinking to happen" (or maybe it was an Ace of Base song, I can't remember). 

Anyway, there will be one more of these compilations and then I'll be back to my raving mania. 

Here is the tracklist for this one:  

01. The Epileptics "1970's have been made in Hong Kong", from the March 1979 demo tape, 1979 (Hertfordshire, England)

02. Carnage "All the sad people", from the All the Sad People Ep, 1983 (Bexhill-On-Sea, England)

03. Vendetta "How much longer", from the Aristocrap compilation Ep, ? (Wolverhampton, England)

04. Defyance "From a nightmare to a dream", from the Alternative to Nothing compilation tape, ? (?)

05. Urban Decay "Incinerate", from a demo tape, 1980 (Harlow, England)

06. The Strength of Weakness "Borstal boy", from the Keep going demo tape, 1984 (Bridgend, Wales)

07. Self Abuse "(I didn't wanna be a) soldier", from the Teenage demo tape, 1983 (Bournemouth, England)

08. Psycho Faction "Oppose war, oppose law", from a live tape, 1982 (Whitehaven, England)

09. Another Warcry "Past, present, no future", from the War is Murder compilation tape, 1984 (Blackburn, England)

10. Danbert Nobacon "Angry words", from the Volume One - March 1989 tape, 1989 (Leeds, England)

11. Crow People "Strolling", from the Cloud Songs 12'' Ep, 1987 (Doncaster, England)

12. The Snipers "Nothing new", from the Three Peace Suit Ep, 1981 (Oxfordshire, England)

13. The Convulsions "Media punx", from the Enemies of the State compilation Lp, 1984 (Bradford, England)

14. Radical Alternatives "Waiting room", from the Spirit of an Old Age Anthem compilation tape, 1982 (?)

15. Stress "Strike back", from the The Beginning of the End compilation tape, ? (?)

16. Stone the Crowz "Minds decayed", from the Suffer Little Children demo tape, 1985 (London, England)

17. Classified Protest "False dreams", from the S/t demo tape, 1984 (Gwent, Wales)

18. Farce "Just another animal", from the S/t demo, 1984 (?)

19. A.P.F. Brigade "Disease", from an unreleased Crass Records Ep, ? (Peterborough, England)

20. Generic "Coca-Killer", from the Join the Conspiracy demo tape, 1985 (Newcastle, England)

21. Failing Parachutes "The good old days", from the Spirit of an Age Old Anthem compilation tape, 1982 (?)

22. Legion of Parasites "I hate you hate", from the Another Disaster demo tape, 1982 (Pavenham, England)

23. Crude & Snyde "Right to survive", from the S/t demo tape, 1987 (Drogheda, Ireland)

24. Abstract Critique "Coriolanus", from the A Midsummer Night's Boob compilation tape, ? (Waterlooville, England)

25. Screams of Children "Walk away", from the Alternative to Nothing compilation tape, ? (?)

26. Co Exist "Silent scream", from the To Russia With Love compilation tape, 1985 (Brighouse, England)

27. Black Solstice "No more bright eyes", from their S/t demo tape, 1987 (Camberley?, England)

28. Look Mummy Clowns "Chuggin in the riggin", form the Ongoing Zeugma Scenario Ep, 1984 (Waltham Cross, England)

29. Freeborn "This country", from the Imprisonment demo tape, 1983 (Wisbech, England)

30. Upset Tummy "State oppression", form the Spleurk! compilation Lp, 1988 (London, England)

31. Practical Existence "Protest and get arrested", from a demo recording, ? (Glasgow, Scotland)

32. Icons of Filth "Fucked up state", from the Not On Her Majesty's Service demo tape, 1983 (Cardiff, Wales)

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