Thursday, 1 March 2018

Tunes & Snot with a Message - The Recesses of the Anarchopunk World (part 2): The Pressure from the Outside Vice Machine

Here is the second volume in my series of homemade compilations of British anarchopunk from the 80's with 33 bands in 89 minutes.

Like for the first installment, I tried to focus on obscure bands or on atypical songs from established ones in order to illustrate the versatility, snottiness and tunefulness that I posit are inherent to anarchopunk (to be understood in the broadest sense here, not as a genre but as a galaxy). In other terms, the point was to create a collection of catchy song in order to convey the essence of the anarcho vibe. As usual,  the quality of the recordings vary a lot so I did my best to equalize and make the whole sound as cohesive as possible. I sometimes struggled to find details about the bands but feel free to enlighten me if needed (I'd like that actually).   

Here is the lineup:

01. Revulsion "No justification", unreleased song, 1989 (Norwich, England)

02. Schutzhaft "Behind the wire", from the split demo tape with Leukaemia, 1984 (Peterborough, England)

03. The Secluded "Royal blood", from the We Despise Society demo tape, 1983 (Ebbw Vale, Wales)

04. Xoset UK "State of a nation", from the Ere What's This? Vol. 1 compilation tape, 1983 (Huddersfield, England)

05. Warning "Who's the rapist?", from the Home Made Protest demo tape, 1982 (?)

06. 2 Minutes of Hate "Vision of prison", from the S/t demo tape, 1982 (Leeds, England)

07. 4 Minute Warning "Lady killer", from the Pictures on the Wall demo tape, 1982 (London, England)

08. Cold War "Cold world", from the S/t demo tape, 1982 (London, England)

09. Total Chaos "Revolution part 10", from the There are no Russians in Afghanistan Ep, 1981 (Newcastle, England)

10. Black Easter "Rokin chair", from the Ready to Rot Ep, 1982 (Farnborough, England)

11. Part 1 "Marching orders", from a S/t demo, 1981 (Milton Keynes, England)

12. Still Life in Action "Vietnam syndrome", from the Play For Today demo tape, 1985 (Norwich, England)

13. Andy Stratton "I don't know", from the I don't Know / Evil Minds Ep, 1980 (London, England)

14. Nick Toczeck "Things to do on a saturday night", from The Britanarchist demo tape, 1984 (Bradford, England)

15. The Snapping Bogseats "Role control", from the Feed the People demo tape, 1986 (Crewe, England)

16. Lunatic Fringe "Who's war", from the Cringe with the Fringe Ep, 1984 (Bristol, England)

17. Intencified Chaos "No rights", from the Alternative South West compilation tape, 1984 (?) (South West, England)

18. Sedition "Unknown", from a live set in Norwich, 1985 (Northampton, England)

19. D&V "Today's conclusion", from The Nearest Door Ep, 1983 (London, England)

20. Active Minds "Royalty", from the Welcome to the Slaughterhouse Lp, 1988 (Scarborough, England)

21. Xpozez "No war", from the S/t demo tape, 1981 (Huddersfield, London)

22. Miasma "Rough justice", from The First Big Gamble demo tape, 1983 (Scarborough, England)

23. Noise Annoys "Unknown", from the There's More than Male Voice Choirs in Wales compilation tape, 1985 (Wales)

24. Solstice "Dreaming", from the Bye Bye Ronny compilation tape, 1988? (?)

25. The Suspects "Day to day", from a S/t compilation tape, 1982 (?) (Norwich, England)

26. Tony & Mole Chater "Class war", from the Alternative to Nothing compilation tape, 1986 (?) (?)

27. Wild Youth "Nobody cares", from the Wessex '81 compilation tape, 1981 (Trowbridge, England)

28. 16 Guns "Evil man", from the 3rd demo tape, 1985 (London, England)

29. Guernica "No more war", from the S/t demo tape, 1983 (?)

30. No Label "We gotta get together", from the 7-track demo tape, 1981 (Swansea, Wales)

31. Corpse "In Ireland", from the S/t demo tape, 1983 (Winsford, England)

32. Asylum "2000 AD", from the We will be Free split Lp with Toxic Waste and Stalag 17, 1986 (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

33. Apocalypse "Setback of a nation", from the How Many More demo tape, 1988 (Drogheda, Republic of Ireland)


  1. Can you do a post about Body Count (the California one)? I've only heard one song from them and I know very little about them as a band, but you're pretty good at finding information about these bands so I thought I'd ask. Thanks!

    1. I wish I could but I sadly don't have the original tape and it has never been reissued (or even bootlegged)... There is one interesting fact I recently learnt about Body Count though. Before they formed (so before 1983 I guess), some future members of BC did a band with Jeff Harp from Final Conflict called Iron Curtain (couldn't find any songs from them but there you go).