Friday, 8 November 2013

Null And Void "All burnt out.... Null & Void 1981-1985" cd 2007

Back from the fucking dead!

This long break from Terminal Sound Nuisance because of internet troubles made me think about how we have become completely addicted to technology and how, when it ceases to work, helplessness prevails and our lack of autnomy becomes apparent. But now is not the time for pseudo intellectual thoughts. Now is the time for great punk-rock.

I have tried to re-upload as many files as possible but it will take time. For my glorious come-back, I have picked a band that fits perfectly in my favourite music category: the "how-come-this-band-gets-so-little-recognition?" category. I have already expressed at great lengths my deepest love of the mighty Blyth Power. If Zounds and The Mob are well-known and well-respected bands (and let's face it, they were and still are top bands), there was another Josef Porta band, definitely the least famous of his musical projects and that is Null And Void.

I actually got this cd at the 56A infoshop in London a couple of years ago when I traveled there for the Scum Fest festival. Being quite fanatical about old-school anarchopunk (but you all already know that), I had read the chapter devoted to Null And Void in "The day the country died" but had never actually heard them. I vaguely remembered them as being The Mob-related but that was about it. And indeed, they were, but in the best possible sense of the term. Null And Void was the follow-up of Andy Stratton, a one-man band that did a single on All the Madmen, and used to be not only touring partners of The Mob but also roommates as both bands lived in the same squatted communal house (Null And Void later moved in the Hackney squat scene). Funnily enough, the band played an eventful gig in Paris in the early 80's and even did an interview on Radio Libertaire, the station of the French Anarchist Federation, a station I happen to have had a bi-monthly slot on for about 7 years! Small punk world, right?

But back to the music and let's be honest here: Null And Void sound a lot like The Mob. They have this same earthy feeling although they are not quite as dark (some of their songs even have a funky feel to them and are totally danceable tunes). The singer reminds me of Omega Tribe's a little as well and you can top the meal with a spoonful of Thatcher on Acid, Awake Mankind, Zounds and Flowers in the Dustbin too. It is mid-tempo, bass-driven punk-rock with these distinctive drumming parts, a chopped style of guitar-playing, and very cacthy and beautiful chorus. The band did pen some real hits during their career which saw them release two demos (the first one is not included on this discography but judging from the singer's appreciation of it, it is not such a great loss!), one Ep and two cassette singles. The "Four minute warning" demo and the "Still" Ep, both recorded in 1982, are their best works in my opinion and they really capture an era, a sound that so many people still crave today. Their last recording was actually produced by none other than Joe Strummer. Yes. Joe fucking Strummer, who was apparently a solid, friendly, reliable bloke according to the band. And for all the anarcho Clash-bashing, deep down, don't we all love Joe? Yes, we do. This said, I am not really chuffed with Null And Void's cooperation with him as the band by then had strayed a bit too far from their punk roots to my liking.

However, and I can't say it enough, the 1982 and 1983 recordings are absolutely mandatory, and if you ever have the chance, get this cd. You won't be disappointed.


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  2. Salut,

    je crois aussi qu'il y a un petit probleme avec le fichier rar. bien qu'il semble que je le telecharge en entier, quand je l'ouvre, il ne trouve que 2 fichiers. si je repare ce meme rar, je me retrouve avec 19 fichiers, les titres 12 a 15 etant en double! apres j'ai pas encore ecouter pour voir si ils marchent ou je ne sais quoi

    1. Très étrange...

      I'll try to fix as soon as possible.

  3. It should be working now but let me know if it still cannot be opened properly. Bloody technology.