Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Extreme Noise Error "When the American dream is over" Lp 2011

Here is a good news for you: all the links are now working. I have had to turn some flac or wave files into mp3's (320 though, so it still stands the test) because the files are quite heavy and the file servers I am using don't seem to like them (depending on the day of the upload really, who would have though file servers could be moody?). Hopefully, I will find a solution and be able to re-upload every file in flac/wave formats but until I do, some albums in mp3 will have to suffice. Similarly, zippyshare only keeps the file uploaded for one month if it hasn't been downloaded. Therefore, the links of some of my least popular files (I won't tell which ones!) are bound to vanish. Basically, leave a message in the comments section and I will get to you smoothly. Now let's talk about music. Well, noisy bollock really.

No, there is no typo in the name of this post. There was a band called Extreme Noise Error from Holland that was even contemporary with Extreme Noise Terror. Now, I guess it is a bit silly to pick such a name but I personally love it and no one is really complaining about bands picking dis-names anymore (actually there was even an Extreme Napalm Terror from Germany in the late 80's/early 90's if memory serves), so why not? Besides, in spite of their tongue-in-cheek moniker, ENE tackled serious topics in their lyrics and were made up of people who are still active today and still play in cracking bands. Fun-loving, crusty political punk squatters from Gröningen. Where do I sign?

For those who don't know, three members of ENE, shortly after the demise of the band, would form the brilliant Mushroom Attack (a band that has unfairly sunk into punk obscurity but released split Lp's with Disorder and Forgotten Prophecy in the early 90's) and later on the almighty Fleas And Lice (I wish they didn't need an introduction, I really do).

ENE only recorded the one demo in 1988, entitled "When the American dream is over". Basically, the same year ENT recorded "A holocaust in your head". This has to be the fastest, and friendliest, punk rip-off of all time! If you are a nerd like me, you will have noticed that Stick, ENT and Doom's drummer at the time, is wearing an ENE shirt in the picture that appears on the back-cover of "A holocaust in your head". Since ENT had been touring the Netherlands at that time, it is not unlikely that they played with ENE there. That would have made for a very strange line-up for someone not aware of the referentiality of punk-rock (and what if Extreme Napalm Terror played as well?). But anyway, as you have all understood by now, ENE was heavily influenced by ENT, and the demo reeks of early ENT worship (especially the split with Chaos UK). Of course, the sound is nowhere as good or punchy, so at times we are not so far from Disorder, Dirge or even some of the more chaotic Japanese bands but with the added insanity of two singers trying to mimic ENT's. The ENE demo also reminds me of the Insurrection Lp and that's a really good thing.

As I mentioned, the lyrics are fairly political and again you can draw a parallel with ENT's attack on this shit system. You could even argue that ENE pioneered what is now sometimes called eurocrust, namely European bands heavily influenced by the first wave of UK crust (you can add Nausea to the list too). Basically Extreme Noise Error brought the Extreme Noise Terror formula while Hiatus picked Doom as their reference point. It makes sense, doesn't it?

ENE had songs against American capitalistic imperialism, against the porn industry, against animal abuse, against McDonald's (that definitely was an obligatory topic at the time it seems), against violent dancing (see comment above!) and they even had a song against Jean-Marie Le Pen, the infamous leader of the French far-right. Of course, as lazy squatters, they had an anti-work song that I wish to dedicate to all the people who are proud of breaking their back for their bosses, in the name of national growth, of the economy, of morality. There is no shame in being exploited ruthlessly but there shouldn't be any pride in it whatsoever. They make us think we are good citizens who participate in the "common good" when we are really just faithful, servile, sometimes even willing slaves whose anger and frustration are being alleviated by the mere illusion that we can take part in consumerism. That's the democratic contract: be happy wasting your life so you can be given the impression that you're middle-class because, after painfully paying for food and rent, you can afford to buy a couple of plastic craps. Rant over.

This Lp is a discography and it included a rough and ready rehearsal of the band as well as a live show from 1988 (which is no less rough and ready as you can guess). There is a great-looking, thick booklet with the Lp, something that I always really enjoy and something that was pretty common for crusty bands with something to say at that time. The Lp was released on State-Fucker Records, a Dutch grindcore label that also put out some Agathocles, Sistemas de Aniquilacion or Mörkhimmel. I read that there were only 100 copies of this geezer so I'd suggest you rush getting a copy if you ever see one.    

As a conclusion, ENE reformed briefly for a tribute gig to Phil Vane, ENT's singer who passed away a few years ago. A heart-warming gesture. More than music, right?      



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  2. merci romain! j'ai pas écouté ça depuis que j'ai paumé la cassette!!!!!!!!

  3. Nice one..and yes we played a couple of times together with ENt.
    Extreme noise error was one of our names…
    also..enormous nosepicking elephants,eat no engine.even naar eindhoven,etc etc etc.

    Cheers from groningen

  4. Hey, I just found a used copy of this in the states! I was wondering if the images in this post are the enclosed poster and lyric insert, so I can add them to the physical copy
    Thanks, sean

    1. Nice catch! Yes, the pictures are taken from the booklet included with the Lp.