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Social Insecurity "S/t" Ep 2002

Today's post will be less epic than the previous one for two reasons: first, I'm fucking knackered and second, this record should really speak for itself, so you don't really need me ranting over and over again. Unless you want me to.

There are actually two bands - at least - called Social Insecurity, one from Edinburgh that was active in the early 2000's and one from California that was around in the early 90's and was part of the blooming anarchopunk scene then. But for today, the Scots will suffice. As you are all aware, I am a self-righteous wanker who likes dictating what good taste really is to the unwashed among you (and there are more than just a few). To those who sport a studded leather jacket, a mohican or two and a faded Varukers top, then let me tell you that you should have painted at the back of your jacket, instead of The Unseen, was Social Insecurity. Like many bands that are a bit late to the party, Social Insecurity played that rather typical mid-late 90's British hardcore-punk style, not unlike Poundaflesh, In The Shit or even Hellkrusher, but they may have started playing it a few years too late, so that they may have passed under the radar of "da punx" who may have been thinking they were merely derivative and under the crust radar as well for not being "crust" enough, not having Tragedy-like tunes or a Dis-name. Life does suck sometimes.

However, not only are Social Insecurity a top-of-the-shelf 90's flavoured British hardcore-punk band in its own right but they are also heavier, and I mean HEAVIER, than most neocrust that was starting to be all the rage back then. Social Insecurity is the perfect mix of mid-90's Varukers and Hellkrusher. I am pretty sure that all the members had played in bands prior to Social Insecurity but all I could find was a Beergut 100 connection (a typical, though enjoyable, mid-90's British punk band) through the guitar player. This is bass-driven dischargey hardcore punk that is openly pissed off and that you can pogo and drink cider to. I would have loved to see them live, at a punk picnic for instance, with, say, Disorder, Poundaflesh, Hellkrusher and Red Flag 77. Social Insecurity have this thick sound that is effortlessly groovy and heavy. The songs are mostly fast-paced but there are a couple of crushing metal breaks (in the crusty sense of the term) to keep things refreshing (in a guttural breath way).

Due to numerous tours, there seems to have been an important connection between Edinburgh punks and Czech Republic. Like Beergut 100 who had a split with Zemezluc, Social Insecurity's next record would be a split Lp with Czech metal-crust heroes, Dread 101, released on famous local label Insane Society records in 2003, also a highly recommendable work of art if you are into records that no one really remembers. This Ep was released in 2002 on Emergency records a label from... Czech Republic (!) responsible for records from Exekuce, Mardröm or Demarche. The lyrics are pretty serious, with an anarchist leaning. "Burn all flags" is about taking your dog to the park, breaking down the borders and flag-burning; you already know what "Police brutality" is about (but could it be a nod to old Scottish band Toxik Ephex?); "Rage inside" is about a bloke going mental because he's possessed by the devil (I warned you there were some metal breaks); "Suffer in silence" is about not taking any shit from the authorities and fighting back and "Systematic slaughter" is about the horror of war and brushing your teeth twice a day (and could it be a reference to Reprisal?). Does the cover look like that Anti-Cimex Ep? Yes, it does, and that's three additional punk points in my book.

Translations in the Czech language included.  

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