Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Krigskade "S/t" demo 2013

Picking a name for a punk band has always been a tricky endeavour. Going for something too original  or obscure might confuse your average punk lover. For instance, 3-Way Cum is not - at all - a goregrind band but an excellent Swedish crusty hardcore band. Similarly, Pretty Little Flowers don't play indie-rock but old-school grindcore. On the other hand, names that are too obvious can deter the punters too. Sometimes you feel you know what a band sounds like just because of the name and therefore don't give the band a chance, which, sometimes, can be a really bad move.

My point is that you should give Krigskade a shot as it is Paris' premier - and only - scandi-influenced hardcore punk band. "Krigskade" means "war damages" in Danish and actually all the lyrics are written in this language. But don't jump to the conclusion that Krigskade is to Danish what Isterismo is to Italian: a fucking disgrace. In fact, Krigskade's singer is fluent in Danish, his native language. Basically, this is the Scandinavian punk experience in Paris: a great, aggressive-sounding language AND plenty of dogs as well as filthy toilets at gigs.

In terms of music, the boys definitely know what they are doing. It has the raspy, rocking vibe of Totalitär, the fury of Krigshot and the raw quality of early Diskonto. You would be mistaken however to think Sweden is the only point of reference here as several breaks in the songs, tempo changes and chorus are strongly reminiscent of US hardcore (and indeed the lads are no stranger to this genre). The vocals are antagonistic and angry but, assuming you speak Danish, you can actually understand what the geezer is on about as they are shouted in a distinct fashion (as opposed to being growled). The bass is really up front and has a fitting distorted sound. The guitar sound has a slightly buzzing quality but remains relatively clear and is not distorted out of proportion, not unlike Italian bands like EU's Arse or even some Wretched records. The drumming is on a par with the rest, the breaks are performed with efficiency and a sense of purpose, and the D is lovingly beaten in tribute to Anti-Cimex. On the whole, you can tell the band had a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve in terms of sound and song-writing.

This tape was recorded last year but only came out a few weeks ago. As you can see, the artwork is stunning and aptly reflects the day's most alienating moment: the rush hour, when everyone goes from nowhere to nowhere (Anti-Nowhere League reference for ya!). The lyrics are of a political nature and are delivered with ferocity on stage. Though in Danish, English explanations are provided. "Blod pa Christianborg" points out the absurdity of Denmark's involvement in US imperialistic wars; "Heroin" is about smack; "Dansk folkecirkus" is about the rise of the far-right in Denmark and the image of respectability it seems to gain (but let's not be mistaken here, the shit still stinks!); "Kontortid" deals with alienation and anger; "Aldrig" is a song about Ungdomshuset and how it has become a meaningful symbol of resistance for us; "TV sekt" is a call for the turning off of the various shiny screens that make up our daily lives; "Dumt sporgsmal?!" is the necessary statement that meat is still murder (and yes that includes fish and people); "Cadekamp" is about time theft (also known in modern society as "work"); finally "Social krig" is a description of our brave new world, a dehumanized, controlled, plutocratic, ruthless world.

Like Peur Panique with whom they share a member (Fukushimike is incredibly the same dude as Suomike), Krigskade is a great live band and when on stage they do covers of Blitz' "I don't need you" (they actually had to take glue-sniffing lessons in order to do it properly) and that one creepy No Hope For the Kids song.



  1. Hey its Sean from NO Beast So fierce. Wondering if you would be into tape trading?? my email- seanashleychew@yahoo.com

    let me know, i'll send ya a list of what I have. I'd love a few copies of the stuff ya have, especially Depressors demo & Pro Patria Mori demo. Plus more I'm sure.

  2. I would like to buy some of these tapes and support the bands. Is there a link I'mmissing for purchasing?

    1. The easiest way is to drop a mail to the bands asking for a copy. I think they still have some. Or you can get the Krigskade demo from La Vida Es Un Mus (assuming you live in Europe).