Sunday, 13 May 2012

Slander "Politicians cause it" demo 1992

After a couple of punktastic 80's English bands and in order to prove that I am not stuck in that "golden era" of amazing punk music, terrible mainstream music and drug overdoses (the contrary would be odd indeed since I was only starting to shit my pants when Antisect released their Lp), today we will have a recording from the 90's. I know, how audacious.

Slander fits perfectly in the "obscure bands no one cares, or cared, about" category. Actually, their only vinyl appearance was on the 1in12 double-Lp compilation "Wild and crazy noise merchants... invade a city near you". This is their 1992 demo. Slander were from the North of England and they appear on thanks lists of bands such as Armed Relapse or Decontrol, so it is safe to suggest that they were a part of that scene along with other greats like Hellkrusher, One by One or Wartorn.

If you enjoy 90's UK hardcore-punk, you are going to love these five songs. The first three are fast scorchers while the last two are longer and mid-tempo. If you need points of comparison, they would fell perfectly at ease at a dinner party with Truth Decay, Substandard, Armed Relapse, Beergut 100, early Hellkrusher and the Varukers. The last song even reminds me of Exit-Stance or the Mad Are Sane, especially the song structure and the drumming pattern. The sound on the tape is actually quite good and typical of the period: not too rough, clear and punchy. The lyrics are not included with my tape, and that's unfortunate, but you can decypher what the singer is on about fairly easily. Songs against politicians, war, conformity and life's daily grind. Isn'it just what you expect from a decent punk band?

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